russell g. frost | City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Ctr. test from southern market080417 chl meeting april080417 mark moosic and josh nowak080417 more spring080418 art walk friday080419 artwalk saturday080426 ywca race against racsim080502 convention planners lunch080502 lancater museum of art080503 Lancaster Museum of Art Car Show080503 marriage equality rally080506 mccaskey art show at building character080507 clean up guy080513 cleanup team080513 market080513 pa academy of music080513 penn square080522 saca fiesta080523 club rumba080528 esp street images080530 sluggers080531 red rose run 2008080601 lemon st and block party080601 queen st block party pm080602 long's park and horses080603 grace lutheran church080605 ross elementary080606 first friday june080607 convention center at night080607 fireworks over new street080607 fountain080607 market080611 convention center storm080611 horse paddock080612 belevedere patio080613 elm street shots080616 lchs carnival080617 belevedere patio again080619 dinner and a movie080619 rachels080620 music friday080621 lancaster pride fest080623 stevens grave 2080626 long family080627 ymca shoot 1080630 ymca shoot 2080702 convention center nocturnes080703 downtown midday080703 southside park080704 musser park fourth080720 city crossings080727 Sertoma bbq wrap up080731 convention center progress080802 annual shoot 1-north queen080803 annual shoot 2-n-queen and city hall trash080803 annual shoot 3-f&m bridge080804 annual shoot 4-tobacco roof shots080804 annual shoot 5-king st garage construction080806 lancaster house roof080807 annual report-night cc080810 stormy downtown080815 music friday august080820 bed bath affair080820 iron hill080821 festoon080821 issacs and chl meeting080821 lancaster square080822 brown bag concerts080822 downtown midday080822 isaacs and penn square080822 new trash cans080824 rosa rosa italian festival day080824 rosa rosa italian festival night080826 night prince street080827 various retail props080830 longs park art fest080904 Obama in Buchanan Park080908 various sale props080911 911 remembrance080913 firefigther memorial080919 music friday september080922 lancaster streetcar co080922 ymca construction081001 topping convention center081004 harvest breakfast081004 rally for change081009 dome setup081010 dome dinner and party081011 beer bash081011 pajama rama081018 artwalk081107 conv center081121 snowy downtown081123 downtown sunset081124 night rain081128 black friday081129 Mayor's tree lighting081203 JSID new office open house081206 DORT081211 lancaster square demolition081213 xmas shopping081220 downtown for the holidays081220 xmas shop windows081227 foggy night-fulton-ice park-lgh081606 characters082708 convention center sunrise090108 conv ctr  exterior090108 downtown sky090108 lanc square demo090119 various downtown090121 lanc square demo090121 retail meeting090121 sidewalk demo090124 shots from lgh top floor090127 View from the LGH roof090203 conv center progress090215 longs park090303 azura090309 azura and fillings090310 bed and bath affair interiors090310 north sidewalk demo090312 lgh pavillion090313 downtown-stevens-smith house090316 porchlights090320 prince street garage signs 2090321 photowalk090325 retail shopping090328 downtown walk and storm090401 garage-queen st-conv ctr-lanc square-sidewalk renov090403 veleska and school090404 downtown-conv ctr090406 spring fling-wow opening090412 college hill spring090415 tea party rally in Musser Park090416 cvb opening090416 Launch090416 Senator Casey visit090417 Cabbage Hill090417 launch090417 Palmer retirement party090418 launch090423 sidewalk renov090425 race against racism090425 Race against racism090427 dawn conv ctr090504 lcsc meeting090507 college row building shots090509 Long's Park art and craft show090513 college row sunrise center090517 hanging baskets090519 exterors on queen street090520 South Queen Street Homes090607 queen st party and fire090618 chl meeting090624 plcm exhibits090625 plcm cocktails090713 parking meters090820 lancup090822 music friday090829 barnstormers090830 downtown shots090831 american dog090902 sunset090909 liberty place090909 liberty place090912 Reenactors at Rock Ford090912 Rock Ford reenactors090913 Wheels090915 pretzel parade090918 music friday090924 cork factory090924 marriott - sakura - stevens090926 eastern market090929 downtown090930 marriott nocturnes091002 Gallery 141 HDR morning and interiors091003 harvest break091004 downtown moon091005 more downtown night091007 city hall clock091023 autumn091109 downtown and greist091111 strawberry hill091119 bon apetit091120 amy banks at the marriott091127 tree lighting091209 midnight winter square091210 alcoa091212 expressly fresh091219 snow091219 Snowy day091220 snow morning100104 Council swearing in100109 Lancup100124 el maizal100206 snow storm100211 snow100514 alana's tree100606 queen st block party101002 the lancast at PCAD101205  train station with deb110802 national night out111104 gail gray opening120505 writers workshop150428 spring walkConvention Center Collection